Tri chais i Gymru

Three good pictures from the Telegraph:




Let's hope it's just the first of three good weekends.

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lionel, Newport said...

How magnanimous of the Telegraph to notice and to provide us with these images! Better than most of the "national" press, so preoccupied with Engurland's loss of face, that any success elsewhere is secondary. In fact let's see if the World Cup actually gets much of a mention now that the chosen ones are out of it. (To be fair, the Telegraph is the best of a bad bunch)

Yet again, this just goes to show why we need a stronger domestic media here, as we are relying on what is in all honesty a foreign media. Aside from the fact that many of us misguidedly buy English newspapers, why should they include Wales and Scotland really in any more depth than France or New Zealand. Their audience is England after all.

Unknown said...

MH - I would modelstly suggest an improvement to your headline - "Tri chais i GYMRY", - nowhere have I seen it reported that all our tries - and apart from Halpenny's magnificent kick - were scored by Welsh speakers. Surely that is of some interest.

Glyndo said...

"Surely that is of some interest."


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