A strange sort of animal

I've just started reading through the proposed modifications to Schedule 7 of the Government of Wales Act 2006, which lists the subject areas in which the National Assembly will be able to pass primary legislation following a Yes vote in the referendum.

This one brought a smile to my face:

In this Part of this Schedule “animal” means—

     (a)  all mammals apart from humans, and

     (b)  all animals other than mammals;

and related expressions are to be construed accordingly.”.

Amendment of Schedule 7 to the GoWA 2006

I wonder what's so wrong with simply defining “animal” as “all animals other than humans”. But why should we expect the Wales Office say something in one line when they can say it in two?

Does this count as yet another example of the wasteful, unnecessary duplication that moving away from the LCO system will finally put an end to?

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Anonymous said...

Sadly- NO.

What we really need in Wales is a new Government of Wales Act- based wholly on the Scottish model, that's proven it works (i.e devolve everything, except for the exceptions in the Act. Whereas in Wales they list, everything little by little we can do).

Even if there is a 'Yes' vote, the LCO system will not go- if the Assembly wants to extend it's powers, yes we will once again see the LCO- can't wait!

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