Spreading misinformation about S4C

This is Keith Raffan posing a question about S4C on Sharp End this week:


What do we notice about the "question" he posed? Well, it is true that Gaelic has fewer speakers than Welsh, and that BBC Alba has a smaller budget. But does it have a bigger audience?

As it happens, BBC Alba's viewing figures are not collected by the BARB because the BBC doesn't want them collected, and therefore hasn't asked them to do it. But they have used the polling organization TNS System Three to assess the figures instead. As we can read here, they have reported that the channel has weekly reach of about 200,000 ... and another report, here, puts the figure at 220,000.

Either figure is less than half the weekly reach of S4C, as we can read here.

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Ian Titherington said...

There is a huge amount of misinformation about the viewing figures of S4C and so due to genuine misunderstanding, lazy journalism and pure malice, this misinformation has actually helped to set the current British Government policy-for our TV channel.
If the British party leaders in Wales are serious about saving S4C as they claim in the joint letter, then let's see what actions they take now that yesterday's fantastic rally has set the tone.

Anonymous said...

TV channel in silly peasant languages can live and make do with £15m - your peasant language can do the same.

How many of this weekly reach is down to broadcasting Scottish Premiere league games (albeit of the smaller sides) + add that Scotland's population is about twice that of Wales's.

+ the 'no one watches S4C' is factually incorrect.

Who cares - it's only a peasant language that's lucky to get anything from the benevolent state which created the policies which has made Welsh a minority language in it's own country in the first place.

Joni Cymro

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