More Deliberate Lies

I've just noticed that John Tyler, one of True Wales' small core of supporters, has linked to this post I wrote last week on Holtham. Well, if he wants to draw attention to himself, let's show him for what he is. He said this about the report:

It failed the whole population of the United Kingdom by restricting itself to four entities …

Northern Ireland

… its failure was to consider England as a single entity rather than a series of regions with differing needs, regions that change with time, without such considerations the report is fundamentally flawed.

Stonemason, 11 July 2010

Exactly the opposite is true.

The focus of the Holtham report (the subject of the first report, repeated in the final report) was to examine how much money Wales would get if it were treated on the same basis as an English region; because the different regions of England receive differing amounts of money from Whitehall departments according to their individual needs, rather than just the size of their population. That's why spending per head in London is much higher than it is in any other part of England, as well as being higher than it is in Wales, of course.


How could someone write on this subject, but manage to get what he writes not just wrong, but completely wrong?

Once again, one of True Wales' most prominent activists is deliberately spreading lies and misinformation in order to confuse people ... not just on his own blog, but in the unfailingly amusing comments on Betsan Powys' blog as well. There can be no other explanation.

True Wales are living down to their reputation. They obviously still believe that if you spread enough lies, some people will be gullible enough to believe them.

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Anonymous said...

But this is planet True Wales, where everyone stands and salutes when Her Most Gracious Majesty passes such noble wind.

A Wales where forelocks are firmly tugged and everyone has a portrait of the latest Governor of West Anglia on the wall.

A Wales where, Mr Tyler's latest comment on Wales Home seem to imply, the best of the working classes just aren't good enough for this glorious ever-enduring Kingdom's best universities.

I think True Wales thinks us taffys just needs to knows our place in the world inneh.

Lyndon said...

I don't think he's fibbing, he's just not terribly bright.

Unknown said...

Well, I think I know where my place in the world is - Doing everything I can to trample on True Wales's nonsense wherever I encounter it. MH is better at it than me, but we can all do our bit.

Haven't heard from Rachel Banner for a bit - Has she found a better job? Last time I heard her on the radio, she said that True Wales were against further powers to the assembly because they didn't go far enough! (Or did I dream that bit?)

Anonymous said...

yes tyler is one of a very small core of people...they could all be he same person for all i know - who appear to devote their entire existence to rubbishing the welsh assembly and the very concept of devolution for wales. A brief glance at some prominet welsh blogs ....such as the ones you mention..... shows a virulent all consuming hatred not just of the welsh assembly but the very concept that the welsh might actually be able to carry out some governmental tasks in their own country.

Indeed it would not be going to far to say that these people seem to have an undying hatred of the welsh nation and wont be happy until every last vestige of welsh national identity ....everything that makes us the nation we obliterated from the face of the earth. I think even the 13th century english monarch Edward 'longshanks' would be taken aback by the emnity towards all things welsh demonstrated by these proffessional wales haters if he were around today!

But this is not a problem for us as in every utterance these wales haters make on 'wales home' or 'betsan's blog' or anywhere else these people vent their anti-wales drivel they reveal their true intent...the abolition of the welsh assembly and returning wales to direct rule from westminister.Given that support for the assembly's abolition is now dwindling to single figures among the people of wales a true wales campaign based around such an idea is destined to fail..and to fail dismally!

And they cannot say that this is not their position..we have all the evidence we need - evidence from their own website where they have regularly cited alleged support for the assembly's abolition from their own spurious polls and evidence from the anti-welsh rantings from true wales luminaries such as Tyler on numerous welsh blogs....Frankly i think every time the likes of Tyler put finger to keyboard they boost support for us in next years referendum by a couple of thousand votes!

Leigh Richards

Glyn T said...

True Wales has considerable support, the view that Tyler is one of very few is inacurrate.

Out here in the Real World of Wales most people are seriously disenchanted with the cost and performance of Devolution.

Duncan Higgitt said...

I agree with Glyn T's point. But my experience of True Wales is that they are the original People's Judean Front. That's not to say they should be underestimated in any way, but don't be terribly surprised if they spectacularly implode at some point.

Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

'true wales has considerable support' where would that be then? barely exists outside torfean and islwyn. Name me one prominent welsh political figure...david davies aside..who has expressed support for true wales? There isnt one!!

In the 'real world of wales' barely 10 percent of the welsh population supports true wales true aim of abolishing the assembly!

Leigh Richards

Anonymous said...

indeed but its still a percent or 2 higher than the amount that support Welsh independence... which, is the basis for this particular blog's existence

Anonymous said...

David Davies has in fact retracted his support for True Wales now that he is in a position of responsibility, and has taken a neutral stance.

I would disagree with Glyn T and argue that while there is disillusionment with the Assembly, most people in fact ARE NOT dissatisfied with the cost and performance of devolution. I would support this opinion by citing every opinion poll that has been taken on the issue since 2007.

I noticed that Glyn T offers no supporting evidence for his claim whatsoever.

MH said...

I'm not sure what you say about David Davies is quite true, Anon. He won't exactly be neutral, what he said was that he won't use his position as Chair of the WASC to campaign for a No vote.

He has made it clear he will still vote No, and if asked for his views would give them in his capacity as an ordinary MP.

To his credit, he does seem to have taken to this new role with a degree of tact and maturity that has surprised me, given some of the things he's said before. So I doubt that he will be putting himself up for interviews on the subject. But time will tell.

As for True Wales, it remains to be seen whether they will become the official No campaign. It will be up to the Electoral Commission to decide. But their track record of misinformation is so bad that they might welcome a clean start under better leadership and a new name.

As for the likes of Glyn T, don't worry. As I've said many times before: if they want to be taken seriously, they'll back up what they say.

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