Hats off to them

Thanks to Politics Cymru for highlighting the vote in the Commons yesterday on an SNP amendment that would have included nuclear weapons in the scope of the forthcoming Strategic Defence Review:

To add ... "but respectfully request that your Government includes as part of its Strategic Defence and Security Review a full examination of the Trident nuclear missile system and any possible replacement."

Hansard, 8 June 2010

As would be expected, Plaid Cymru's MPs and Caroline Lucas of the Greens supported the amendment, along with the SDLP MPs and Naomi Long of the Alliance party, who defeated Peter Robinson in East Belfast.

I'm pleased to see that they were joined by a few Labour MPs, four of whom are Welsh Labour. Paul Flynn comes as no surprise to me, as he is one Labour politician who I agree with on many of the big issues. The other three were Siân James, Nia Griffith and Dai Havard. As I've been critical of the last two on this blog on other issues, I thought it would be right to take my hat off to them and their colleagues for their stance on this.


As for the Welsh LibDems, my contempt for them can't be expressed too strongly. Even though they presented themselves as being against Trident before they were elected, both Mark and Roger Williams voted against the amendment, and Jenny Willott did not vote at all.

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Anonymous said...

This was a joint amendment in the name of the parliamentary leaders of Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Greens, not an SNP initiative.

The Lib Dems stance is just embarrassing. Already in this parliament, eight Lib Dems (including Mark Williams) have signed an EDM calling for Trident to be included in the defence review and then voted against it in Parliament.

"Do as we say, not as we do"

Borthite said...

I just find it depressing and a bit sad when people like Mark Williams lie about not wanting trident and student fees.

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