Backward and barbaric


If a picture isn't enough, the thousand words are here.

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Plaid Gwersyllt said...

This is class...excellent!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with what he said.....but.....if this helps Labour to another 5 years in power....then it's not quite so brilliant.

Anonymous said...

He may be an intolerant, ignorant bigot. But that's all OK because he's a SINCERE intolerant, ignorant bigot.

Well, according to fellow Tory Glyn Davies, who is full of praise for him and wants to see him PROMOTED.

Yes, that's the Tory party in its true colours, for all to see.

MH said...

It seems that Glyn Davies is showing more and more of his nasty side of late, Anon. I used to think he was a decent Tory, but he seems to be trying very hard to show me that I was wrong about him.

But he's made his point ... and mine. He's shown us that his party is proud to keep David Davies as a member, dispite the intolerance and hated that he goes out of his way to spread to as wide an audience as he can, whenever he can.

MH said...

To be fair, there has been one Tory who has condemned David Davies. René Kinzett, the Tory candidate for Swansea West, has said:

Sorry, but why is David TC Davies MP such a flaming pain in the arse? Rape linked to race? Go back to selling tea


How can someone be so crass as to blame rape on ethnicity and be a serious-minded Parliamentarian in the 21stC?

So well done one decent Tory.

Unknown said...

Anybody heard what Mohamed Asghar's view is on this?

Unknown said...

I have just visited the Assembly site, and searched for mohammad asghar and there is no sign of him! Does he actually exist? Does he have a website? Anybody know his e-mail? I would like to ask him directly about his view on David Davies and his inflamitory statements.

Unknown said...

Sorry everybody - It seems I was looking at the WAG site, not the assembly site ( though I googled the assembly) and they don't list non-rankers like Oscar. I've now sent him an email asking for his view on the comments and on what Cameron should do about it. Dare I suggest that anybody else with curiosity about these things might do the same?

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