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I know it's far from being the only measure of the relative merits of universities and colleges in the UK, but it was very heartening to see how well not only Aber (which consistently does well in this survey) but other universities in Wales too, were rated in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey published last week.

     Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey

Out of just over a hundred institutions in the survey, the overall rankings were:

6th ... University of Wales, Aberystwyth
17th ... Cardiff University
22nd ... University of Wales, Bangor
29th ... University of Wales, Swansea
72nd ... University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
74th ... University of Glamorgan

These rankings included not the quality of teaching and courses, but a whole range of facilities and support structures contributing to the overall experience. Getting four in the top thirty is not too shabby.

In the crucial areas of teaching and learning Aber was rated 4th this year ... only just behind what most of us would recognize as major players: Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews.

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Anonymous said...

Yey, Aber!

James Dowden said...

What happened to good ol' Llanbedr Pont Steffan?

MH said...

Not only Llambed, but also Trinity, and Glyndwr/NEWI. And, strangely, Newport ... because it was mentioned in the article but wasn't in the table.

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