... and he's done it again!

Yes, as I said in the previous post, Glyn Davies seems very eagar to show his credentials as a potential writer for the Daily Mail. This time he's done a piece about the CellNass biomedical archive at Mochdre, Newtown.

I won't repeat it all, but I will highlight this sentence towards the end:

I do hope it's not the Assembly Government's prejudice against the private sector at work again.

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Once again Glyn seems to want to get in a little dig against the what he wants others to think is the Welsh Government's "prejudice" against private companies like this.

In fact, this facility was set up with the help of aid from the Welsh Government, and opened by none other than Ieuan Wyn Jones himself. We can read about it in the company's own magazine which has this picture and quote on the front page:


If England wants to privatize aspects of their National Health Service, that should be entirely up to England to decide. But it gives us in Wales the opportunity to do their work for them instead ... and we have an Assembly that is proactive in encouraging companies like this to set up facilities here when they could just as easily set them up somewhere in England instead.

That isn't a narrow party political issue either (for I'm sure the aid was arranged before Plaid were part of the Welsh Government) it's simply an example of devolution enabling us to bring skilled jobs to Wales. Yet Glyn Davies wants to paint a picture of "prejudice against the private sector at work again".


Please keep this up, Glyn. I thought the odds against Heledd winning Montgomeryshire at the election were long ... but you're gallantly doing what you can to shorten them. Which is all for the best, really. I'm sure writing stories like this for the Daily Mail will be a better match for your talents than being an MP.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with your analysis of Glyn who seems to be reverting to type with every new post and backing away from some of the more encouraging positions he took not long ago, as you said it may be of encouragement to others in Montgomeryshire.

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