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Better Together, the group campaigning for a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum, launched a video aimed at women voters yesterday. It was immediately described as "insulting" by the Yes campaign because it portrayed women as "daft ditherers" ... although it's hardly likely that either side would have anything good to say about what the other side produces.

What surprised me, however, was what Blair McDougall, the director of the No campaign, said at the launch:

"The key factor for people isn't the love of our country – as both Yes and No voters love Scotland. The key factor is the love of our families."

Which can only mean that he thinks those who vote No love their families, but that those who vote Yes don't love their families.

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Jac o' the North, said...

The actress in the video says (against independence), "It's not like you can change your mind in four years time", Very true; and let anyone minded to vote No remember that in four years time Boris Johnson might be PM and Nigel Farage his deputy. Even if that's too early for Boris, there's still a strong chance of a Tory-Ukip coalition.

Anonymous said...

Wings Over Scotland obviously reads Syniadau

Anonymous said...

The No campaign has gone heavy on the family, children, and "housewife" style themes. A thoroughly conservative message, whereas Yes is a message for change. The family message will strike a chord though. It's all down to Labour voters now and whether enough of them swing to yes.

Welsh not British said...

The message here is simple. If you vote yes you are reckless and do not care about your family. They are trying one last scare tactic in trying to convince people it's better the devil you know.

One last throw of the dice to save their precious empire for another few years.

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