Ultimate gender equality in Wales

The Office of National Statistics has today published a compendium of comparable statistics for Wales, England, Scotland and the Six Counties. They are available from this page, and should provide hours of interesting reading.

I've only just begun to look through them, but one statistic that caught my attention was healthy life expectancy.


I had thought that women living longer than men was something that was true everywhere. So I was quite surprised to see that healthy life expectancy is in fact equal for men and women in Wales. Elsewhere, women can expect a healthy life several years longer than that of men. On average 2 years longer in England, 2.7 years longer in the Six Counties and 4.3 years longer in Scotland.

Any suggestions as to why?

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Anonymous said...

It's in the Laws of Hywel Dda... ;)

Phil Davies

Anonymous said...

No, seriously...

Disproportionately unhealthy female lifestyles in Wales relative to England, et al? (obesity, smoking, booze)

Phil Davies

Gareth said...

"Healthy life expectancy", not life expectancy. I can only assume that women (who do live longer) have a longer period of "unhealthy life".

Llew said...

Off topic but i would like to know MH's views (as I respect them) on a Daily Telegraph article that is doing the rounds about "the Welsh born becoming a minority in Wales" in 2080 due presumably to immigration and emigration. I can't work out the truth in it and want to see more views on it before over reacting.

MH said...

For others, the Telegraph article Llew mentioned is here.

There's not too much that I'd want to say about it other than what I've said about nationality before, for example here and here. But there's a thread on the article on Daily Wales, and that's probably the best place to exchange views about it, Llew.

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