The Welsh for neutron is niwtron


The Welsh for neutron is niwtron
The Spanish for neutron is neutrón
The Italian for neutron is neutrone
The Irish for neutron is neodrón
The Turkish for neutron is nötron
The Portugese for neutron is nêutron
The Norwegian for neutron is nøytron
The Catalan for neutron is neutró
The Basque for neutron is neutroi
The Latvian for neutron is neitronu
The Slovenian for neutron is nevtronov
The Maltese for neutron is newtroni
The Lithuanian for neutron is neutronas
The Finnish for neutron is neutroni
The English for twp is Fabricant

This is the relevant section from Radio 4's Any Questions, broadcast from Neath on Friday 24 January, followed by the report on Newyddion 9 on Wednesday 29 January.

It's good to see Tories like Glyn Davies disowning Michael Fabricant's views, wondering why the BBC invites Tories from England onto a panel in Wales. And Efrogwr noted that, in the WalesOnline article, the Tory spokesman said that "we will continue our efforts to maintain and strengthen our national language."



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MH said...

With apologies to Glyn, who had the same idea.

Dafydd Tomos said...

Or you can just use this handy map

MH said...

Diolch, Dayfdd. There's only one word for that site ... or should that be 39?

Leigh Richards said...

im sure michael i mean fabricant ...will be delighted to learn that the welsh word for 'wig' is wig!

Gonzoland said...

What is the English for entrepreneur?

glynbeddau said...

No need to apologise. great minds think alike. Or rather can see the bleeding obvious.

Anonymous said...

His substantive point was about a shortage of bilingual science teachers. I'm not sure he even has a point beyond the general shortage of teachers, but he ballsed it up by trying to be popular with a misguided person in the audience (who admitted she was 'biased' against WM education).

The point was made that the countries above Wales in PISA were mostly trilingual, albeit this point was made by Carwyn Jones.

Anonymous said...

The original question sparking this debate was asked by someone who seemed to think that children attending the Welsh medium secondary school in NPT - Ysgol Ystalyfera - were at a disadvantage when compared with those attending local English medium schools.Surely the most telling fact here is that, according to the mylocalschool website, the percentage of children attending Ystalyfera who gained A*-C in maths at GCSE level in 2013 was well above the NPT average. Indeed, Ystalyfera appears to be the best performing school. Now, there may be a number of reasons for that and I wouldn't attempt to claim that they do well because they are taught in Welsh. But clearly, being taught in Welsh isn't holding them back. If the results in GCSE maths in all schools in Wales matched those of Ystalyfera's, our results would look much better than England's.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, anon 01:14, ultimately it's a matter of prejudice and it sounded like alot of people in the audience (about half) agreed with the person who said WM kids couldn't cope. It shows you don't need evidence and people are easily led. There is also an easy and untrue correlation for people to make; Wales doing more badly than (some parts of) England at education, Wales teaches Welsh = the reason we do more badly is because of Welsh. Fabricant is seen as a "nice" Tory too, it just shows how Welsh remains a convenient target for ignorance. The answer has to be positive promotion of WM education. The last thing Wales needs is potential new parents in the WM cohort to start doubting WM education for no reason.

Anonymous said...

"The Spanish for neutron is neutrón"

I always thought that it was the Spanish for niwtron

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