Colour coding for schools made easy

I can't help but feel that today's announcement of a new colour code system to replace school banding is a bit of a political faux pas. This is how WalesOnline describes the categories:


"Schools at the lowest end of the scale (category four) will languish in the 'red zone'. Red schools will be those 'causing concern' and 'failing in most or all aspects of school performance'. They will be sent an automatic warning letter from their local authority and be subject to statutory powers of intervention where necessary.

"Leaked documents suggest red schools will suffer 'loss of autonomy' and 'a more directed approach' will demand specific expectations and timescales. There is a suggestion that schools permanently in the red zone will be at risk of closure."


"Schools in category three (orange) will be 'at risk of causing concern' and headteachers and governors will be 'clearly informed of the school's critical status."


"But, in a surprise twist, schools in groups one and two (green and yellow) will be expected to provide collaborative support and advice to those which are struggling."

Not so much of a surprise, really. Noblesse oblige.

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