Ysgol Bro Alun's newest pupil

Close colleagues of Huw Lewis have, for the last few weeks, been strenuously denying that he needs to go back to school in the light of Wales' poor perfomance in the PISA tests. Yet it appears that the rumours were true ... for here he is, being officially welcomed as a new pupil by headteacher Osian Jones and the three pupils who have agreed to act as his mentors while he adjusts to the new experience.


The choice of a Welsh-medium school has raised some eyebrows among his colleages in the National Assembly. But, to his credit, Huw has been trying hard to learn Welsh, and feels that a couple of terms of language immersion a long way away from the distractions of Cardiff Bay should be enough for him to become fluent. Staff at the DfES are so delighted that they have decided to take the next two weeks off in celebration.

More pictures here.

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Welsh not British said...

No doubt Huw had the same problem as many others in Wales, that his parents were unable to have Huw educated through the medium of Welsh. With that in mind and also the fact that Huw is now a learner at the age of 49, wouldn't it make sense if we just ensured that we started moving towards having every single school in Wales being Welsh medium.

Anonymous said...

Huw is learning Welsh as a hobby. But granted this hobby is intended to make him as a man more appealing to the Welsh speaking electorate.

By all means let our kids enjoy learning Welsh too. But, insofar as it is a hobby, this activity should take place outside of school hours.

Anonymous said...

Everyone said at the time that Huw was only learning Welsh in order to become First Minister, and perhaps there's a bit of truth in that. Basic skills in Welsh and English are fundamental for anyone who wants to maximise their future employment prospects.

Anonymous said...

If he's learning Welsh he didn't use it in the official opening of Bro Alyn. Not a word. Ignorant and party political. He's a great asset to Plaid.

MH said...

If it's true that he didn't speak a word of Welsh, I think it's quite incredible, 20:56. Surely he'd say at least a sentence or two in Welsh. Even if it didn't come out perfectly, everyone would have appreciated the gesture.

MH said...

In fact it is true that Huw Lewis didn't speak a word of Welsh.

Thanks to Plaid Wrecsam, we have this clipping of a letter from Gwenfair Jones in the Leader.

Quite frankly, it's insulting.

Anonymous said...

Why? Would you have uttered a couple of words in Polish if they'd been one or two in the crowd?

Come on, play fair. His language is English.

MH said...

If I'd been asked to open a Polish-medium school, or a Polish community centre, or even a Polish delicatessen, I'd have attempted to say a sentence or two in Polish.

For me, it would be a matter of common courtesy.

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