A brief moment of sunshine

When I checked the WalesOnline website at about 5pm this afternoon, I was amazed to see this page.


For a brief moment, the clouds parted to let the sun shine through. But as I looked for more on the story elsewhere, it quickly became obvious that it wasn't true, and the gloom returned.

Then I thought about whether it would make any difference to anything if he did resign. Who would replace him? George Osborne? Theresa May? Michael Gove? It didn't bear thinking about.

And if the alternative is to hope that Ed Miliband becomes Prime Minister in 2015 ... well, that didn't bear thinking about either. The only place on this island where the sun is likely to shine any time soon is in Scotland, next September.

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Nara said...

This isn't directly linked at all, (although that was a good post ;) ) but on the theme of newspapers, I wondered if you've heard of this? - http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/nov/04/us-trade-deal-full-frontal-assault-on-democracy It doesn't seem to be very well documented at all in any newspapers or major left-wing blogs, but this seems to be like the most important news you could get in a newspaper for any left-wing person or indeed anyone who actually cares about democracy. Thought I should share.

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