Rod and Emu

Rod Richards is a fairly regular contributor to programmes like CF99, and even though he's lost none of his ability to make people laugh, I never figured out why he dropped Emu from his act.


But all has now been revealed.

According to this story in today's Western Mail, Rod has now joined UKIP ... and no member of UKIP could be seen to have anything to do with Emu.

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Jac o' the North, said...

It's so sad. In an earlier age Richards and his kind would have joined the Ulster Unionists or the League of Empire Loyalists. Now the haven for the losing-it of the Conservative Party is Ukip.

Though if Bufton Tufton forms his threatened party it will be so crowded on the Brit Loony Right that there might be an unbroken continuum from the Monday Club to the Adolf Hitler Adoration Society.

kp said...

I gather Emu has joined Plaid Cymru. A natural home, or so it seems according to recent press reports.

Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

Old Rod is off to La-la Land with the fairies. UKIP seems to be his natural political home.

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