Glasnost returns

Thanks to a certain Dic Penderyn, I've just learnt that my favourite blogger is still fighting his lonely battle against reality, this time gunning for the headteacher and board of governors at Ysgol Glanwydden in Conwy.

He is circulating these letters. Click the images to see them at full size.


Ysgol Glanwydden is a primary school in a pleasant area of Penrhyn Bay, ideally situated for anyone who lives in Ynys Môn and works in Chester.

According to him, the "true" state of the school is "abysmal under any definition" and "most pupils are illiterate in English and distinctly lack numeracy skills". The reason for this, as any reader of the Daily Mail will already know, is "all strictly down to excessive and obsessive teaching of the Welsh language".


It is therefore a little unfortunate that the Welsh Government should today have launched a new website which gives comprehensive information about every school in Wales and how it performs. The information was previously available on StatsWales, but it has now been brought together in a much more accessible way.

Of course we need to bear in mind that the statistics about Ysgol Glanwydden on this site are "nothing other than a fictional and a meaningless account used as the means to deceive parents", but it might be worth taking a look at them anyway. They're on this page.

We can see that the school actually performs very well indeed. At Key Stage 2, 96.8% of children achieve the expected standard in English compared with a county average of 86.5% and a national average of 85.2%; and 100% of them achieve the expected standard in maths compared with a county average of 86.4% and a national average of 86.8%.

The standards in English are all the more impressive because the school is "staffed entirely by Welsh-speaking teachers" who, as a result of this, "lack English language literacy and fluency".

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Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

The link suggests that Glanwydden is Categori B, anyway? Put гласность back in his box, methinks.

Lyndon said...

Am I missing something? Why is a guy living in Menai Bridge running a hate campaign against a primary school 20 miles and two counties away?

Isn't there a law against people like this?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, the school in question is actually performing better than my daughters school. And looking at it's website it looks far nicer inside and out.

Whoever is complaining should be thankful they aren't in the rotten borough of Sir Gar.

Jac o' the North, said...

"Not anti-Welsh". Of course not. And most of them are Welsh . . . though obviously not Jacques Protic.

And the thing is about these people - Bilingo comes to mind - they always claim to speaking for many others. 'Others' who never emerge because they don't exist. In fact, Bilingo may have been Protic.

Only a matter of time before the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph pick up on this.

Bilidowcar said...

Have a look at the comments section of this link. Jacques Protic makes similar comments

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the silent majority. Never silent and far from being a minority.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post again so soon but I just googled Jacques, it would appear he's a Manc and works for a renewables company. So he has a vested interest in the exploitation and subjugation of Wales.

If Wales were to have real control of it's energy production then I wonder how this would affect Jacques wallet?

Linked in page

bed123 said...

What a bigoted, nasty little man this Protic is. Quite depressing actually. I went to a Welsh-medium school and passed Welsh and English Lit A-levels. Didn't do me any harm at all.

Unknown said...

Whilst reading his letters, it occurred to me that before complaining about the literacy standards of pupils attending schools in Wales, perhaps Mr Prozac should check his own.
I know this school. I know that it is a good one.

MH said...

The BBC have now caught up with the story, here.

MH said...

Another update, here.

Unknown said...

Er gwybodaeth - Ward Aethwy:
Protic Jacques, xx Tyddyn To - Independent

Anonymous said...

Tybed fydd Jaques Protic yn ymuno yn nathliadau Ysgol Glanwydden yn dilyn cyhoeddiad, yr wythnos hon, o adroddiad Estyn ar yr ysgol?
I wonder if Jaques Protic will be joining with Ysgol Glanwydden’s celebrations following this week’s publication of Estyn’s report on the school?

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