Gwynfor v Margaret

I've just enjoyed listening to Rob Gittins' radio drama on iPlayer, and would like to recommend it to everyone else.

Click to play or download the mp3.


One moral man standing up for something important enough to give his life for
... and winning!

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Anonymous said...

Could you imagine a Welsh politician going on hunger strike today in order to protect Y Fro Gymraeg? It needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

After Dafydd el's bizarre comments about Gwynfor's hunger strike at the beginning of the week I think people in Meirion Dwyfor have to seriously think about selecting another candidate for the next Assembly election.

glynbeddau said...

The only contention I haver is that it gives the impression that Dafydd El was Plaid leader at the time whilst it was Wigley and it seem to be putting a contemporary view on this.

In public at least Dafydd El gave his full support to Gwynfor.

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