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I thought people might be interested in this clip from the BBC's Sunday Politics Scotland:




Comments welcome. To pick up on just one point, I was amazed at the blinkered attitude of the DUP's Ian Paisley Jnr. He talks about his "Scottish kith and kin" becoming foreigners to him if Scotland becomes independent, but did the kith and kin of probably half the families in the six counties suddenly become "foreigners" when Ireland was partitioned? And does anybody in Wales regard family members we might have in the republic of Ireland as more "foreign" to us than family members we might have in Scotland or England?

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Anonymous said...

Why can't Simon Thomas shave? He lost his Ceredigion seat partly because he insisted on wearing an earing. Shave and wear a tie. Why lose votes on attire?

Anonymous said...

can't access the film MH.

Ond a different note, I'd suggest it's worth people reading Daniel G. Williams's excellent critique of the 'One Nation' nationalism of Miliband and Labour. Their one nation and double logic. The best article and response to the Britishness and enw British nationalism agenda.

Excellent news from the Basque COuntry too. Interesting to see that the PNV leader, Urkullu, is wearing what looks like a tartan tie! Clever. Nice point as the Spanish won't allow a referendum on independence for the Basques even though 60% voted for pro-independence parties.


Anonymous said...

Simon Thomas spoke well. However Ian Paisley JR is also a good speaker, though I fundamentally disagree with his views.

Anonymous said...

Simon Thomas doesn't have to really defend a seat.

Anonymous said...

I initially thought your topic was about the snp government calling in trump's golf course in salmonds constituency. Then bullying those who would not sell to the god of dollars. That program was on bbc2 last night.

Unknown said...

Interesting how the term 'foreigner' has become a pejorative term. You would expect it from an entrenched bigot like Paisley, but Tony Benn, Ming Campbell and Ed Milliband, not to mention other eminent Tories, have used the same argument against 'separation' recently. Woolly emotive nonsense.

Unknown said...

PS - the video doesn't work on my computer - I use chrome - do I need a plugin?

Anonymous said...

Sionnyn- I use Chrome (on a mac) and it seems to work fine!.

I thought both spoke very well actually (including Paisley!). Apart from the comment re: being foreigners. Yes I accept that Scots and English do feel closer to me than say a French or a Spanish man. BUT, an Irish member of family is just as 'foreign' to me as an N.Irish or a Scottish one.

I agree about what was said about Simon Thomas above. Wear a tie, or at least make sure the shirt looks tidy on screen!

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