Side Steps and Side Burns

Here's a song by the Blims to keep us on the boil until Saturday.


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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I can't stop listening to this. Downloaded it on i-Tunes as well.

Anonymous said...

really nice song ... by why spoil it with a mid Atlantic twang when he sings? Rather undermines his confidence in Welshness.

People also support Wales and play rugby in places like Newport, Anglesey and Tenby - not just the Valleys.

Still, really nice song.

Anonymous said...

Most people sound American when they sing.

Plus young people from the valleys have quite Americanised accents these days. It used to annoy me when people accuse Ian Watkins from Lostprophets of putting on an American accent when I most people from Pontypridd who speak with his accent. We are the 'American Welsh'/'Cymru Newydd' after all.

Listen to this vlogger from the Gwent valleys

Anonymous said...

How many stereotypes can you fit into one song and video?
More clichéd than a St.Davids day offering from BBC Wales.

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