Leanne's Speech to Spring Conference

I was very impressed with Plaid's Spring Conference this weekend. The mood was upbeat and positive, and virtually everyone I spoke to thought that Plaid had made a huge step forward by electing Leanne as leader ... and was now set to make huge steps forward under her leadership.

This was her first speech as leader:


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Anonymous said...

I was also impressed by Leanne's performance from the platform and think she will continue to confound the pundits. Many of whom are still stuck in lazy stereotyping of the Rhondda socialist. I sense Leanne's leadership will be far more collective than in previous years and will succeed in going beyond the normal cliches of the left.

Alwyn ap Huw said...

This might be considered trivial or sexist, but Leanne needs to get a hairdresser to sort that bit of hair that falls over her eye that she then flicks back, it is annoying and off-putting and distracts from her message.

maen_tramgwydd said...

That was a darn good speech. It's a shame that everyone in this country of ours couldn't hear it all.

Well done, Leanne, an excellent start!


Trivial AND sexist, Alwyn

Anonymous said...

fantastic leanne great start

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Trivial AND sexist, Alwyn

But still off putting and a distraction from the message MT

Cibwr said...

Had the opportunity just to listen to this in full, like the proposal for a training levy on companies, we used to have a system of training levy and grants that funded training and training development in companies, it worked well but was disliked by those companies that benefited from trained employees but did not training themselves. Would really like to see this restarted.

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