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Thanks to a comment on the previous post, I thought I'd show this video from Scottish author Alan Bissett.


I'd read the written version here, but the video is much better.

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Cibwr said...

What can I say, excellent!

Jac o' the North, said...

Excellent. Though I'm I'm surprised to see you, MH, endorse such an obvious appeal to the emotions. I thought that was my territory.

Gwalchmei said...

Such an appeal to the emotions is clearly a suitable approach if handled carefully. For me, ice cold analysis pushes the right buttons. The footage of Eurfel ap Gwilyn,economic adviser to Plaid Cymru being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman does more. I just viewed it again on
... it does it for me.

Barry Tobin said...

David Cameron has recently accused Argentina of 'colonialism' as the war of words over Las Malvinas / The Falklands continues.

That from the prime minister of England, a country that after WW1 had painted more than a quarter of the land area of Planet Earth its own colonial red.

Give me a break...

Anonymous said...

Gwalchmai - I actually don't think Eurfyl ap Gwilym came over that well. By the end he's just pedantic and misses the opportunity to make a more positive case for Wales and Plaid Cymru.

But then, with Plaid Cymru MPs and AMs complaining against the cut in the number of Welsh MPs, or whinging about Barnett and by doing so missing another opportunity to say how an independent Wales would make Wales better off, Eurfyl's spat with Paxman ties in to Plaid's managerial, lets make devolution work better for us. They don't have the guts or the strength to break through the banal nationalist British consensus and make a case for independence.

So many missed opportunities to further Welsh nationalism - Iraq War, Barnett, Westminster MPs from Wales etc etc.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is Plaid's policy on nuclear? Just seen Elfyn Llwyd and Guto Bebb on Pawb a'i Farn playing to the proWylfa B lobby. The way Plaid's fudging this issue is starting to really wind me up

Gwalchmei said...

Anon, 20th Jan 08:45 – the point I was making was that being very well prepared and incisive in your arguments can be very effective. I was commenting on the preparedness of Eufyl. He succeeded in winning the argument by thoroughly doing his homework. Just like Alex Salmon seems to be drawing on very well prepared evidence to present his case. On your point that he missed ‘the opportunity to make a more positive case for Wales and Plaid Cymru’, I think that’s expecting far too much given the circumstance that he was facing as very tough interviewer. He stated on two occasions that independence is a ‘long term objective’ and ‘a medium to long term aspiration’.
The point I was making is that we have to appeal to both hearts (Vote Britain) and minds (Jeremy being paxoed ), and that an emotional approach needs to be handled carefully. I personally loved ‘Vote Britain’ as a well crafted political poem and would be delighted to see something of similar tone coming from Wales.

Neilyn said...

Excellent video, and what's true of Scotland is even more so in the case of Wales, is it not? It won't be difficult to open Welsh people's eyes fully to the belittling and exploitative nature of the British state's policies towards us and our resources when the time comes, and the time, I feel, is just around the corner.

Unknown said...

Brilliant poem. The Scots are on a roll, with unionist after unionist making complete asses of themselves 'making the positive case for the union'. Today it was Hague, threatening that if Scotland went independent, Scottish Whiskey would no longer be promoted at British embassies. Salmond just laughed at that and pointed out that Scotland are charged quite a lot already for promotions in embassies, and anyway, the world wasn't going to suddenly stop buying Whiskey just because it wasn't available in embassies.

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