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Simon Thomas said this in the Western Mail on Friday:

"If you want a leader who'll always talk about independence, then don't vote for me."

Western Mail, 20 January 2012

Don't worry, Simon. We won't.

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Anonymous said...

In some ways I agree with Simon. I think the front two candidates are spending two much time talking about independence and not enough on jobs, the economy, health and education. Obviously this is an internal election where constitutional issues are more important, however I dont think the other issues should be neglected. Talk of independence isnt going to win elections, and in this regard I think Simon is correct.
I will be supporting Leanne.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I now know that I won't be backing Simon or Dafydd El. Wood One, Jones two snd that's it for me

Anonymous said...

Simon said: "I genuinely think that the party needs to act and walk and talk in a very different way than it has for the past decade, and I think that the leader needs to start doing that."

I get it. All the votes we lost were because Ieuan Wyn Jones was constantly talking about independence, wasn't it?

maen_tramgwydd said...

Simon is quoted as saying:

"My message has been very much about, we have to have an ambition to first of all go back to second place and then build on that, to actually seriously challenge Labour."

Ambitious, isn't he?

And he's running for leadership of a nationalist party?

Alex and Nicola... please come asap and hold a seminar at Ty Gwynfor for aspiring leadership candidates who haven't a clue.

Methinks Leanne will be able to challenge Labour, and any one else - and win. First place, yes, second place, no.

Anonymous said...

He's deliberately injecting some realism into the debate at the expense of his own popularity. Going back to second place actually makes sense. The next leader is not going to be the First Minister, especially as such a thing would involve a coalition with the Tories (something Leanne wants to continue ruling out). Instead we need to be strategic and tactical in building up the nation. We are a fair way off having the necessary institutions for independence (let alone the economic arguments). If you think Leanne will be flat out for independence at all costs you're wrong, she advocates independence specifically from a leftist view (fine by me)- but I agree she is the only one that can have a chance at challenging Labour.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone is ruling out a coalition with the tories.
However if a 2007 like position came again, I think the party would go for it. This could happen. In the next UK election there will be two scenarios. 1) a Labour Government: this tends to mean a lower vote in the Assembly furthermore it seems a Labour Government would continue to do the cuts 2) a Tory Government: probs unpopular (as the economy looks likely to flat line) - could be a call for more sovereignty.

If it did happen, Plaid would be foolish to walk away from it. It may make us lose support for the first few months but for as long as we would be able to improve Wales - we could say "look what we did as senior in coalition" - imagine what a wholly elected Plaid Gov would do.

Ruling this out will mean that Labour would be in power in the Bay forever! Now nobody wants this do they?!

Unknown said...

II disagree that Leanne just goes on about independence. Her manifesto is the whole deal. And it bears a remarkable similarity to a lot in EaG's report. She has the drive and the zeal of something we haven't seen in a long time - the conviction politician, and she can reach out and enable Plaid to break through in the valleys - something we have to do soon if we are ever to achieve independence.

Elin gives the impression of being competent, but cannot be described as inspirational or visionary, so it's Leanne 1 for me, and no others.

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