Strawberry it is!

Congratulations to Carwyn Jones on becoming leader of the Labour group in the Assembly.

It's a victory for "steady as you go" and "more of the same" and the subliminal message on the cover of his manifesto was there for all to see: Labour will simply continue to go downhill under his leadership.


Just a gentle downhill, just a bit-by-bit decline. Perfect. May 2011 can't come too soon.

P.S. The title of the post will make more sense if you read this.

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Draig said...

Ah great. Carwyn and Ieuan Wyn Jones. Now we have two barristers instead of one. The political class' agenda of boring the electorate into submission continues apace!

MH said...

It takes a peculiar sort of person to become lawyer, Draig, but IWJ is a solicitor rather than a barrister.

The two professions are meant to complement each other ... but I suspect most of the public wouldn't compliment either.

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