Welsh Language Survey, part 1: Overwhelming general support

The survey I linked to in the last post takes the form of propositions which people are invited to either agree or disagree with, either strongly or not.

There's quite a lot of information, so I thought I'd group things together under some broad headings. This first group comprises general statements about how people in Wales regard Welsh, and I'm pleased to say that the response is one of overwhelming support.

Welsh is an asset to Wales

Agree strongly ... 35%
Agree ... 39%
Neither agree nor disagree ... 11%
Disagree ... 7%
Disagree strongly ... 4%

Net agreement ... 63%

Welsh is something to be proud of

Agree strongly ... 44%
Agree ... 38%
Neither agree nor disagree ... 10%
Disagree ... 3%
Disagree strongly ... 3%

Net agreement ... 76%

Welsh belongs to everybody in Wales

Agree strongly ... 36%
Agree ... 37%
Neither agree nor disagree ... 14%
Disagree ... 6%
Disagree strongly ... 2%

Net agreement ... 65%

Welsh is important for Welsh culture

Agree strongly ... 45%
Agree ... 36%
Neither agree nor disagree ... 10%
Disagree ... 4%
Disagree strongly ... 1%

Net agreement ... 76%

The responses to these propositions show an overwhelmingly high regard for Welsh. This is not particularly new news, but it's always good to confirm what we already know.

In essence there is a broad consensus about how important Welsh is to people in Wales, and that is why all the main political parties pursue policies aimed at promoting and strengthening the language. No serious political party is going to oppose public opinion which is so unequivocally clear.

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