Where I stand on the EU Profiler

Thanks to Simon Dyda on Ordovicius, I have just tried out the EU Profiler. As this blog is new, I thought it would be good to share where I stand politically with my new readers ... at least I hope I'll have some new readers!

Things came out pretty much as I expected:





Someone once described me as Plaid Organic, and I'm happy with that description. If I didn't vote Plaid, I would vote Green.

As you can see form the first graphic, the EU profiler puts Plaid and the Greens almost equally to the left. I wouldn't describe myself so much as left wing ... Plaid describes itself as a "decentralist socialist" party, and I put slightly more emphasis on the first word than the second.

According to the profiler, the big difference between Plaid and the Greens is the attitude to Europe. I don't see it so much that way. I am very firmly pro EU, but I also want its member states to be the level at which most legislation is decided, and I want Wales to be one of those member states in its own right. I believe in a Europe of distinct nations which have come together because we share broad common values. There's not much point in Wales being independent if it is subsumed into the EU instead.

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