Support for Catalunya

I went to two rallies in support of Catalunya yesterday, the first was in Llanelli at lunchtime, and the second in Carmarthen in the evening. Here's a video of the first from Llanelli Online.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of groups from Wales heading out there next week? I'll happily volunteer.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There is no real similarity between independence for Wales and for Catalonia. Wales has a lower level of support for independence, and less chance than Catalonia of making an economic success of it if it did ever go down that path. Inevitably the Catalonia situation will attract a few hangers-on from elsewhere, but a few people out on the streets of Llanelli will have zero effect on Catalonia (which has seen huge numbers turn out both for and against independence), and I suspect it is mainly motivated by trying to piggy-back on the Catalonia situation for self-promotion of their own cause. If it was about Brittany then one could understand some Welsh involvement on the grounds of a Celtic connection deeply rooted in history and language, but there is no historical connection between Wales and Catalonia; the only unifying theme is that they each have some people who dislike their respective larger neighbours.

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