European Free Alliance election video

This is a video by the EFA, the European Free Alliance, for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.


As this is an EU election, it's perhaps good to remind ourselves of the big picture issues to do with the nature of what the EU is, and the relationship of our countries to it. For me, the big picture is whether we want Wales to be an independent sovereign state with our own place at the table of the EU.

It is about whether countries like Wales, Scotland, Catalunya, Euskadi and Galicia are able to speak for ourselves, or whether we have no voice at all because the United Kingdom and Spain make decisions for us. This issue is now coming to a head with referendums in Scotland and Catalunya this year, and this will certainly be followed by feverish activity in the EU about exactly how to accommodate new members through internal enlargement.

This next few years will therefore be absolutely crucial in determining the shape of the EU. And although the EU Parliament probably won't have as much of a role to play as the governments of member states through the Council of Ministers, it is the only democratic institution in the EU where our voice and the voices of other stateless nations can currently be heard ... because the governments of the UK and Spain will be trying to hold on to a model that suits them rather than move on to a model where all the nations of Europe have an equal voice.

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Anonymous said...

You talk of Wales as a 'stateless nation'. And yet, to my mind, Wales is not a state and most certainly not a nation. Indeed, the vast majority of the population is absolutely in favour of the current status quo.

Do you suspect the EU parliament is favouring your position or mine?

MH said...

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but the vast majority of people in Wales consider Wales to be a nation, and the vast majority of people on this island consider their nationality to be Welsh, Scottish or English rather than British. See this post, and this one.

I, and all the parties of the EFA, want Wales to be part of a European Union of member states which are congruent with our nationalities. If you agree, vote accordingly. If not, vote for a party which offers something more to your liking.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you so disapproved of my last piece you felt you had to obliterate it without trace. Subtle editing might have helped move the debate forward.

Your choice.

MH said...

I don't edit what other people write. Nonsense won't get "debated", it will just get deleted.

Anonymous said...

Except, of course, it isn't democratic

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, a second-hand book I ordered through the Internet arrived this weekend: a beautifully bound and printed 1902 edition of 'Wales' by O. M. Edwards. Apparently its Edwardian publishers, T. Fisher Unwin of London, thought Wales sufficiently 'nation' enough to commission this work in its series 'The Story of the Nations' alongside England, Scotland, Ireland and 55 other volumes in the series...

What short memories we have, n'est-ce pas?

Phil Davies

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So it "isn't democratic"..................but we're holding an election for it?

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