Catering for demand

Work on the new Ysgol Treganna in Cardiff is progressing nicely. But it looks like the number of parents clamouring to move into the catchment area so that their children will get a Welsh-medium place is so great that a new housing development is going to be built right next to the school (on the right in the first picture) to accommodate them.



And very pleasant it is too. But at this rate another new Welsh-medium school will be needed. How about just the other side of that footbridge?

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Anonymous said...

God news ... though, not so sure of the new housing.

With pressure on land so tight and people wanting to live in the city rather rhan a soon-t0-be sink estate like Pontprennau, I never understand why Cardiff COuncil won't go back to building terraced streets?

The houses could be wider and deeper than the traditional terraced house of Canton so as to accommodate the computers, tv etc we now have, but it would save on land, create greater density which is better for upholding services and amenities within a closer walking distance and at economies of scale which make enterprises more sustainable. Why not a few grid-plan appartments - not appartments for yuppies and young single parents, but appartments for families which are about four or five stories in height. That would save Cardiff council gobbling up land outside the city which only causes more congestion.

The housing developments which you sow here, tend to which take up more space, and space is always wasted with green stuff - that is grass patches which are neither privately owned, nor, because of their small size, in any way publicly owned as would a public fenced park. And the houses seem smaller and more pokey than traditional terraced housing.

Anonymous said...

Will any political party call for all schools in Cymru which receive government aid to be Welsh mediun schools, or they loose state aid?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 10:21. Build houses more tightly packed together, and also build upwards. In this day and age when we need to protect green spaces it makes no sense to build widely spaced houses with huge gardens. Family apartments would be a great idea, with attractive courtyards and shared spaces. Unfortunately the current housing plans will see the inevitable semi-detached estates developed where you basically have to have a car or you can't travel to work. The short sightedness in Cardiff's current development plans is terrifying. If you're going to be a dynamic capital city you're going to need apartment blocks. Also, you can only justify protecting greenfield (as some are trying to do, with good intentions) if you accept building apartments on every brownfield site possible.

"Will any political party call for all schools in Cymru which receive government aid to be Welsh mediun schools, or they loose state aid?"

No. Why would any party do that or want to do that?

Anonymous said...

Why do they need all these new houses?

Anonymous said...

They need these new houses to cater for those people that English councils want to remove from their area. Wales is the cheapest area to re-house them, the English councils can then reduce their costs, and the burden of looking after them falls onto the Welsh councils and the Senedd block grant. That is why assembly members want to build these houses!!!

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