Independence for Wales is a Mirage



   Dafydd Thomas-Elis is the AM for Mwyfor Deirionnydd
   and an enthusiastic supporter of independence for Wales

As I made clear in yesterday's edition of the Western Mail, I voted enthusiastically in favour of the recent change in Plaid Cymru's constitution to make it explicit that our first aim as a party is independence for Wales.

However questions are now being raised about how I could have done this only two days after giving this interview to the Daily Post, in which I was quoted as saying that independence for Wales was a "mirage" and something that I found ethically incompatible.

What I said was misunderstood by the Daily Post. I was definitely not saying that independence for Wales is something illusory: like an oasis that a thirsty man in the desert might hallucinate about and believe to be within reach, but that in fact isn't real or reachable at all.

What I actually meant was that independence for Wales is like a very powerful fighter aircraft, a potent and unstoppable force in Welsh politics.


I was totally unaware that the Daily Post had misinterpreted what I said and printed the word with a small m rather than a capital M.

And although I was quoted as saying that independence was something I found to be ethically incompatible, it should have been obvious that this was a reference to the international arms trade, and specifically to the fact that France has sold these powerful fighter aircraft to countries all over the world.

I was shocked to discover that the clear and obvious meaning of what I said has been so badly misconstrued by the media and by other members of Plaid Cymru, and have therefore issued this statement so that there can be no possible doubt about my sincerity and consistency on the matter of independence for Wales.

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Unknown said...

OK, that makes everything clear. He gets my vote! :p

Jac o' the North, said...

Shouldn't that have been introduced as a, 'Ghost Post'?

Anonymous said...

I've watched him speaking on the tv on this very issue and he has fudged it on more than one occasion.

Now he's trying to say that we're the ones who have misunderstood him, just because he's standing for the leadership.

I've never heard him say that that he's unequivocally for independence before. Weasel words, I fear, beware.

Anonymous said...

Dial M for Murder!

Anonymous said...

So we who complained about DET are just too stupid to understand the lofty sophistication of his intellectual allusions? What pompous cant!

If he wins the leadership, there will be a massive exodus from the party.

Anonymous said...

And it isn't even the 1st April.

Anonymous said...

What rot. As Johnson said: 'Some men weave their sophistry till their own reason is entangled.'

Anonymous said...

If it's another supporter for independence then croeso Dafydd; however to say his comments have been misunderstood is questionable.

It's time though for you to put your money where your mouth is and when the media ask you: 'what are your views on independence' - just go for it; "full independence, within the EU with a seat in the UN"

Anonymous said...

When I ask people to vote Plaid, they do understand that our policies on the hospital, the school, the roads, jobs, pensions and environment. Even on badgers they understand where we're coming from. The issue of Plaid and independence is also clear, when expressed by Elin or Leanne even though some might not agree. I fail to see how Dafydd El has any CLARITY to add on this subject. Indeed, I don't understand him myself. To lead a political party you have to communicate the message to the voters. Listening to Dafydd El is like a hearing aid with a flat battery, and I have to listen closely to pick out words to find out what he's actually saying. Regardless of where is stands on various issues, he's plainly not leadership material.

Anonymous said...

So, he meant a big 'M' instead of a little 'm'.

Yeah, right.

I've seen some political wriggling in my time and this is a cracker.

Keep up the good work DET. The rest of us in the real world are content to see that Plaid are still tearing themselves apart over their silly aims and claims.

Anonymous said...

This cringeworthy recantation does not enhance his credentials of being guided with the leadership of Plaid. Time to retire, Dafydd. Spend your days in the House of Lords, you were, after all, so very keen to join them, despite the opposition of your party! Give up your seat for a proper nationalist!

Anonymous said...

How come the Western Mail thinks he's the 'front runner'?

I've yet to meet anyone who intends voting for him. If he gets it, I'd suspect the vote was rigged.

Anonymous said...

MH, ti'n hen walch drygionus! Go dda!!

Anonymous said...

I've never read such vacuous bollix in all my life lol! If he wins i'm off after supporting Plaid for 30 odd years 8-(

Glyndo said...

This surely is a wind up? I'm no fan of DET, but I can't believe even he would write this and expect to be taken seriously. Nah, someone's having fun.

MH said...

I didn't think this needed to be said; but what Dafydd Thomas-Elis, the AM for Mwyfor Deirionnydd with a birthmark on his right cheek, has said in this post is not necessarily what Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the AM for Dwyfor Meirionnydd with a birthmark on his left cheek, might say. It's satire.

He is going to have to come up with his own explanation about how he could make such a spectacular U-turn only two days after saying, "I will not change my personal convictions."

The only thing he could possibly say that would sound sincere or convincing is that he made a mistake and has come to see that he was wrong. But I don't think his pride will allow him do that, so he's welcome to use this rather far-fetched explanation instead.

Anonymous said...

I think he is a Fokker....

Keep up the pressure


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