We know how it feels

The Argentinians have described the posting of William Windsor to a group of islands off their coast as a "provocative act", and said they couldn't ignore its "political content".

I can sympathize with them. How did we feel when he was posted to an island off the coast of Wales?

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Welsh Agenda said...

I really think that we should be making more of an effort to build more links with Argentina.

It is a largely progressive and prosperous country which has learnt some hard lessons on the economy, and has some historical cultural ties to Wales.

Anonymous said...

I live on Ynys Mon, I'm a nationalist and would like a republic.

However, on the Prince William issue I have had no problem with it. He's bought money to the local shops and restaurants, I'm assuming he's paying council tax and also he has raised some publicity for the island.

Had he come here with a lot of fuss- i.e flags on his car, the royal standard on his house, carriages etc (you know- like they do in Balmoral). Then I would be asking him to leave. Instead he has 'blended' in quite well, and whoever you are there is a welcome to somebody like that on our island.

*the only thing I would complain about is the "Angles-onian" remark - that was very cringeworthy!.

Lyndon said...

Didn't we all just ignore the presence of Willy Windsor? Is he still here?

Anonymous said...

Anglesey for the Angles-only-uns!

Anonymous said...

Will he be moving his woman with him to the Falklands?

Anonymous said...

Isn't he only there for 6 weeks? Can't we ask for him to stay there permanently?

Anonymous said...

Actually I bumped into him several months ago. He turned up at the climbing wall with some other military. He seemed to be just one of the crowd and had no airs and graces...in fact at one point his mates seemed to be taking the p*** out of him for something...all of which he laughed off.

What can you say? He seemed a decent enough bloke doing a job and on an outing with his mates. If it offends anyone that he is here (I live on Ynys Mon) then those people must be pretty sad individuals. As for the uncouth boor who calls himself "Sionnyn" and refers to Williams wife as "his WOMAN", does he normally refer to his own wife as "Woman"?

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