Martin Sheen comes home to Wales

Nice to see that Martin Sheen has now joined the fine tradition of Welsh actors on the world stage.

On stages around the world, artists as diverse as Duffy, the Manics, Katherine Jenkins and Tom Jones take “brand Wales” to audiences in their own inimitable style. Meanwhile, on the silver screen, the fine tradition of Burton and Hopkins continues with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Martin Sheen dazzling audiences and Academy Award judges alike.

Huw Lewis' Manifesto, p 14

Even the Welsh version says so, so it must be true. Michael Sheen is so heartbroken that he's going to campaign for Plaid. He now realizes that making Tony Blair look human cost him more than he ever bargained for.

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Ryan said...

Yeah, I noticed that mistake myself. Embarrassingly, I completely forgot that it might be referring to Michael Sheen.

However, I'm a big Martin Sheen fan and would love for him to be Welsh.

Anonymous said...

He hopes to go down in history as the President who established the Bartlet Formula.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the media are STILL getting Michael Sheen & Martin Sheen mixed up.

Lewis4Labour said...

Fair play! Well spotted. A signed copy is available for MH if he wants to email an address!

MH said...

Thanks for the offer, Huw. But I'll decline. Just put it next to your blooper video.

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